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Writing Business Letters > Core vocabulary

as agreed
as far as I'm concerned
as far as the payment is concerned
as per invoice
as per your request
as requested
as soon as possible
at your convenience
at your earliest convenience
at your expense
awaiting your reply
body of the letter
circular letter
correspond to the sample
covering letter
enclosure / attachment
following your instructions
goods listed below
letter of complaint
on arrival of the goods
on behalf of
on condition that
on delivery
on receipt of the order
on short notice
on written request
order to be confirmed
our offer is still open
payable in advance
please allow us
please send us
please send us your instructions
provided that
sender address
short term
similar to sample
the following items
the goods are available in our warehouse
the goods are not similar to sample
the goods are sold out
the goods arrived in good conditions
the letter remained unanswered
to act on behalf of
to agree with
to be confident in
to be in difficulty
to be interested in
to be late
to be overrun with orders
to be prepared to
to come to a decision
to come to an agreement
to correspond with
to fix an appointment
to have the pleasure to
to our mutual benefit
to reach an agreement
to reach the destination
to return a letter to the sender
to send under separate cover
to stop negotiations
to submit a sample
under separate cover
we apologise (UK spelling, US -> apologize) again for
we apologise (UK spelling, US -> apologize) for
we apologise (UK spelling, US -> apologize) for the delay
we apologise (UK spelling, US -> apologize) for the mistake
we are sorry to inform you